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Wing Chun is pure self-defence, the goal is simple: to end a fight as fast as possible.


A brief introduction of Wing Chun:

Wing Chun is a martial art, originated in the 18th Century in South China.


What is Wing Chun?


Wing Chun is a martial art, based on self-defence that gives everybody the potential to defend themselves, regardless of their age, gender or body power. The teachings of Wing Chun contain all fighting distances. From long range fight, that includes footwork, to close range combat, that comprises a set of hand techniques and counter throws, as well as lever techniques. An extensive range of self-defence is taught


Wing Chun is a realistic self-defence that teaches students already at the start of their education how to effectively ward off attacks with simple actions. The classic Wing Chun training programme also includes tactics of self-defence against multiple attackers or armed attacks as well as training on the wooden dummy.

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 “Methodical training, we prepare you for real-life attacks.”


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