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Rebound street defence (RSD) / self-defence Oldenburg


  • Private training - For women and men, from age 16 and onwards
  • For security companies
  • Public services, e.g. police, customs…etc.
  • Members of the federal armed forces
  • Company events, staff training, motivation and team building etc.

When it comes to security, take matters into your own hands and learn self-defence in Oldenburg!

Take charge of your life, your security and learn to:

-          protect yourself from being physically attacked

-          protect yourself from armed attacks

-          be vigilant and trust your instincts

-          not to be a victim (mobbing)

-          protect yourself from terror

-          deal with aggressive behavior

-          defend yourself from attacks!


Rebound Street Defence (RSD)

Rebound Streetfight Basic for beginners contains key techniques from different martial art styles.

- Wing Chun

- Filipino Kyusho (Panantukan, Muay Thai knife Stickfight, Pressure Points)

- ground fighting, MMA Luta Livre

Furthermore different elements of Italian knife fight, as well as Escrima / Kali are taught, to cover the dangers of cut/thrust weapons and firearms.

REBOUND Streetdefence


is a civil short-range fighting system and was derived by Frank Sänger from the experiences of different martial arts and military missions, e.g. close quarter combat

REBOUND RSD is including armed and unarmed short-range combat.

REBOUND RSD can be learned quickly, as it omits traditional sequences.


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Wir machen Dich Fit für den Ernstfall

 “Methodical training, we prepare you for real-life attacks.”


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