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Gary Lam Wing Chun Classes Vechta

Hello, my name is Christian; I have been practicing martial arts for approximately 15 years.

The focus is on self-defence and self-protection.

The latter is more and more important these days and takes on greater significance.

I offer an individual training in Vechta as of late, that is eminently suitable to defend oneself against aggressors or dangerous situations. I want to show my students how to protect themselves from physical attacks as well as against mobbing.

The training is suitable for men and women from the age of 16 onwards. Rescue services as well as public institutions also benefit from the training. “Wing Chun Kung Fu” - A martial art that has its roots in China is taught. I have been learning this martial art for 15 years and would like to pass on my knowledge.

In the year 2016 my Sifu Frank Sänger presented me with my level 1 certificate and therefore I officially belong to the Wong Sheung Leung family.

The knowledge of Gary Lam Wing Chun is imparted. It also contains elements from Muay Thai, Thai Chi and therefore is very effective.

In “Rebound Streetfight” key techniques from different styles are combined. This system is especially interesting for people who want to learn a lot in a short period of time and want to effectively protect themselves against violence.


Tel.: +49 175 2767086

Christian Kühling 

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Wir machen Dich Fit für den Ernstfall

 “Methodical training, we prepare you for real-life attacks.”


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